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Friday, February 12, 2016

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Zombie Analogues

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Not all bite victims are Zombies. Unless infected by some kind of mutagenic pathogen, and subsequently become deceased and re-animated with the hunger for the living, a human cannot be termed a Zombie.

Examples of this are in the movies 28 Days Later and REC. In 28 Days Later, the victims are infected with a 'Rage virus'. In REC, the virus is likened to Rabies, only with symptoms that show in minutes or hours instead of months. In both cases, the victim will 'turn' while still alive, and while the virus infects the brain and inhabits the blood, will not physically change the body.

While losing that which makes them human, they become filled with rage and will attack any living being while recognizing its own.

A key fact to remember is that such infected subjects can be killed by any normal means used to kill an uninfected human and will even starve to death without their instinct to feed for sustenance.

Types of zombies


The Zombies Gallery

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