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Saturday, February 13, 2016

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Description of Zombies

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  1. Description of Zombies
  2. Zombie Biology

Broadly say, zombies have the appearance of the living but their lack of free will and souls give them the appearance of mechanical robots.

 An insatiable and endless desire to consume living animal flesh, usually human seems to be their only motive for existence. They are incapable of speech, but often tend to make moaning and guttural sounds.

Some display visible signs of desiccation, decay and emaciation on their face and body. They have blank, expressionless faces that become more animated when they get hungry and engage in a feeding frenzy.

They are normally encountered wearing whatever clothing they wore in their human life, prior to reanimation.

They seem to display an increased strength relative to normal humans; some sources attribute this to removal of normal neurological limits to muscle strength (e.g., Golgi tendon reflex).



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Terminology of zombies


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